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Pareo Plus Stainless Steel, 50cm

Pareo Plus Stainless Steel, 50cm

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The Pareo Plus is a distinctive island hood which has a stunning stainless steel finish and telescopic design. Featuring Faber's Up & Down technology, this hood can extend and retract in a unique spiralling motion. You can use the hood’s electronic controls or new remote control to bring it towards the hob for efficient extraction. Alternatively, you can raise the hood to the ceiling to create more cooking space.

The Pareo island hood is a distinctive focal point in the kitchen with modern micro LED lighting to illuminate the space below. It is a mesmerising addition to the kitchen without compromising extraction technology. For example, it features perimeter aspiration and EVO diffuser technology. These functions increase efficiency as well as reduce noise.

Please note: The Pareo Plus is available in ducted mode only.

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