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Faber FLL8 Long Lasting Charcoal Filter

Faber FLL8 Long Lasting Charcoal Filter

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Faber have developed a new reusable active carbon filter. Thanks to special multi-layer technology, the Long Lasting filter further increases filtration efficiency with the double layer using an initial pre-filtration to capture the largest particles, and a second more concentrated filtration to guarantee optimal air cleanliness. The filter can be washed in the dishwasher every 3-4 months for a maximum of 3 years. It dries at room temperature in a vertical position to allow the water to drain out. Consisting of 2 circular charcoal filters, this accessory allows Faber cooker hoods to be used on recirculation mode.


This accessory is compatible with the following models:  Arkea / Arkea Plus, Beat, Black Tie, Chloe, Cocktail / Cocktail XS, Daisy / Daisy B, C-Air, Celine / Celine Plus, Belle, Belle Plus, Odette / Odette Plus, Glam-Light, Glam-Light Zero Drip Plus, Grexia, Heaven 2.0, Heaven Air, Heaven Glass 2.0, Inca Lux 2.0 / Inca Lux Glass, In-Light, Infinity, Jolie, K-Air, Lithos, Lybra / Lybra Plus, Maxima, Northia, Nest / Nest Plus, Thalia, Tweet, V-Air, Vanilla, Vanity, Veil, Vertigo and Zoom / Zoom Plus / Inca Plus HCS

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